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I want to breath new life into my old, floor-length prom gown by turning it into a dress I can wear at, say, semi-formal events, dressy

casual parites, and upscale dinner restaurants.

It is fairly minimalistic with no silly frills or bows to remove and an empire or natural waist (I'm not good with classifying these). So I was thinking about just cutting it

short. But to where do I hem it? Knee length, x inches above the knee, x inches below the knee?

Any ideas or links to helpful webpages would be appreciated. Thanks.

Below the knee or mid calf looks best on the higher waistline dresses. It gives you a longer leaner look. A short skirt on the dress can give it a dumpy look as well.

If your legs aren't your best asset, then go for knee length. The bottom of the hem should brush the top of your knee when finished. Make sure you have 3-4" extra length for the

hem so you don't go too short. A mid calf is a better look if you are tall and thin.

If you've never sewed before, then don't start now. It's easy to mess up, and with most formal fabrics, a misplaced stitch taken out leaves a very obvious hole. Take it to a

seamstress or dry cleaners. They won't charge much and they can do an excellent job. You would never know that the dress wasn't that short to begin with.

I would say like 2-3 inches below the knee would be best suited for an empire waist style. It might be a good idea to go online and look at the dresses at or another

big department store and see what prom gown you like and how long they are.

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